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The Applegate Rough Riders Motorcycle Club (hereafter known within as “ARRMC” or “the Club” or “the Association”) is a non-profit organization that carries the following goals:
To engage exclusively in social, charitable and educational activities directed at increasing the general understanding of, enjoyment of, competency, sportsmanship and participation in the sport of off-road motorcycling.
To promote off-road motorcycle safety.
To project a positive image of off-road motorcyclists.
To promote responsible and fair public land management practices.
To maintain, develop and expand OHV trails within the Upper Nestucca OHV Area using responsible public land management Practices.
November 3, 1975

Gary Allison, Mary Allison, Jerry Benson, Diane Byerly, Colleen DeLaney, Bill Elliot, G. Evans, Randy Evans, Cliff George, Gary Gilchirst, Don Heppner, Gary Hibbeler, Bob Howard, Dick Overman, Matt Posey, Bob Profitt, Debbie Profitt, Irene Profitt, Mary Shellenbarger, Larry Shellenbarger, Glenn Wiensz, Jo Wiensz.

Article I: Title and Address

Section A: The associations name shall be listed as the “Applegate Rough Riders Motorcycle Club”

Section B: The mailing address shall be listed as:
Applegate Rough Riders Motorcycle Club
PO Box 13478
Salem, OR 97309

Article II: Membership

Section A: The establishing members of the Club shall be known as “Original Charter Members” and will be listed in the Secretary’s records as such.

Section B: Junior Membership may be given, without fee, to the child or children of (an) Active Member parent(s) in good standing with the Club. At the age of 18 Junior Memberships may roll into Active Memberships with dues payable at the regular renewal cycle (see Article III).

Section C: Prospective members shall be accepted into Active membership and entered into the roll upon the recommendation of at least one Active Member in good standing, and receipt of membership dues (see Article III).

Section D: An Active Member in good standing is any person who joins the Club and:
Is active in the operation of the Club.
Assists in any way during Club events and activities.
Attends as many Club meetings and activities as possible
Maintains currency with the Membership dues cycle

Section E: Active Members in good standing shall receive one (1) vote per current membership per actionable motion. One person may not hold more than one membership of any kind.

Section F: Proxy voting is not allowed. Members in good standing may vote in person only. An Officer may call for an electronic vote (via email or text message) among Officers.

Section G: Any member in good standing may make an actionable motion to be seconded and voted upon at any regular or special meeting.

Article III: Membership Dues

Section A: Membership dues for active members shall be $15.00 for an individual and $25.00 for a household. Active Members will receive an individual or household membership card upon receipt of membership dues.

Section B: Membership dues shall be paid at the time of initial application for membership, and annually thereafter.

Section C: Annual membership renewal dues are payable in January.

Article IV: Election of Officers

Section A: Officers shall be nominated and elected at the October meeting, after the fiscal year has ended.

Section B: Officers shall be installed and take office beginning the month of November

Section C: Officer positions are, in hierarchical order: President, Vice President, Communications, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant At Arms, two Trail Maintenance Officers, and Event Marshall.

Section D: All officers must be voted in with the following exceptions:
Treasurer, which may be an added responsibility of the Secretary as appointed by the President.
Event Marshall, as appointed by the President.
Article V: Duties of Officers

Section A: President. It shall be the duty of the President to preside at meeting of the Club, preserve order, and enforce the constitution and bylaws. The President will see that all officers perform their duties, appoint a committee chairman for each committee not otherwise provided for, and authorize all payables with the option to sign checks if needed. The President shall have the right to cast a secret ballot during a secret ballot vote. The President shall only cast a breaking vote in the event of a tie during a standing or hand vote.

Section B: Vice President. In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall perform the duties of the President as outlined above, and to provide assistance as required. Should the President position become vacant, the Vice President shall preside until the next election of officers is held.

Section C: Communications Officer. It shall be the duty of the Communications Officer to operate and maintain the Club website ( and derivative URLs), and to update the Club website and social media outlets in a timely manner with public announcements, results, and progress updates. The Communications Officer may also act as a Club Contact Person for the public, and act as liaison between the Club and Governmental and other groups. The Communications Officer will be responsible for collecting and forwarding physical and electronic mail to other Officers, and for distributing electronic communications to the membership-at-large.

Section D: Secretary. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep a correct record of the proceedings of the Clubs meetings, carry a record of all correspondence, maintain the membership roll, and receive, process and maintain membership dues. The Secretary may be the Clubs Agent of Record listed with governmental agencies and organizations. The Secretary may perform other duties pertaining to the position.

Section E: Treasurer. It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to keep and have charge of all funds and to give duplicate receipts for all Club revenues. All checks as evidence of withdrawal may be signed by the Treasurer and authorized by the President or Vice President. All payables will be presented to and approved by present members in good standing before being paid. The Treasurer shall present a financial statement at each regular meeting.

Section F: Sergeant At Arms. The Sergeant At Arms shall assist the President in upholding order at the Clubs meetings and other Club events and functions. The Sergeant At Arms shall be in charge of risk assessment and safety management (including, but not limited to emergency medical services) for all Club events.

Section G: Maintenance. There shall be two Maintenance Officers responsible for coordination and management of work parties, and tool inventory and maintenance. The Maintenance Officers shall monitor the condition of trails, and report the status of trails, activities, maintenance issues and development progress of trails within and surrounding the Upper Nestucca OHV Area to the President, Vice President, Communications Officer and Secretary.

Section H: Event Marshall. An Event Marshall may be appointed by the President for each event. The Event Marshall shall oversee each event and/or event committee, and convey appropriate documentation and correspondence.

Article VI: Impeachment of Officers and Members

Section A: An officer may be impeached by a petition in writing to the Secretary and may be removed from office by a secret ballot two-thirds vote of active members in good standing present at a regular meeting. The defendant shall be afforded a hearing upon the receipt of charges. The complainant member(s) must be present at the impeachment hearing.

Section B: Members may be impeached due to conduct or action counter to the Club Mission Statement or the Rules of Conduct (see Article VII). The defendant shall be notified in writing not less than ten days prior to an impeachment hearing, to be held during the next regular meeting. The defendant may be removed from membership by a secret ballot two-thirds vote of active members in good standing present at the regular meeting. The complainant member(s) must be present at the impeachment hearing. Any member impeached and removed shall forfeit any dues, without prorate, paid into the Club membership fund.

Article VII: Rules of Conduct 

Section A: Intoxication during the operation of Club meetings or events shall not be tolerated.

Section B: Harassment, discrimination for or against, or the belittlement of any other member shall not be tolerated.

Section C: Violent actions between members shall not be tolerated.

Article VIII: Amendments 

Section A: Amendments to the Charter, Bylaws, and Standard Operating Guideline (SOG) shall be presented at a regular or special meeting to be considered for approval and ratification. A two-thirds vote of members in good standing present may accept or reject the amendment(s).

Section B: Amendment 1, Article V Section E, Exceptions to membership-voted payables. Members in good standing that use their personal vehicles to haul club-owned equipment to and from work parties or club events, and members in good standing that use their personal heavy equipment (tractor, dozer, loader, backhoe, trackhoe) shall be afforded a fifteen dollar ($15.00) fuel stipend, to be paid by a present authorized bank account signer (President, Vice President, or Treasurer) at the conclusion of the work party or event. The Treasurer will be notified, and receipts shall be kept and sent to the Treasurer.
Emergency purchases (such as failed trailer tires while in transit) may be purchased by an authorized bank account signer (President, Vice President, or Treasurer). In this event the signer will make a best effort to notify the Officers of the event and expense. The Treasurer will be notified, and receipts shall be kept and sent to the Treasurer.

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