March 2016 Work Party Recap

Met at Coyote Joe’s at 0800 for breakfast, left up the hill to stage at Whip-up.

Brushed out Nate’s out of Whip-up (somebody has been working on it, possibly RUTS or perhaps the BLM youth crew and it was never noted).  Need to chip dirt out from under the bottom eco mat to ramp it down, and spike it back down.  It’s a platform hard to get on right now.  Lots of water has ran down it and washed it out, the entire bottom section should be rerouted.

Troy and friend removed tree across Quarry Trail near Skidder Flat.

Moved to Squirrel Neck on the north end and brushed it out.  No major repair notes there.

Moved to brush out Ducky Two, but decided that it’s mountainside with different soil type and consensus was that it’s unlikely that it needs brushing out.  Work party recessed 1330, many of those in attendance moved to Elk Flats and rode for the rest of the day.

The brickwork area that Ryan overhauled so well last year is wrecked after the winter.  It needs heavy maintenance and reshaping with drain structures installed with track hoe.  It’s drainable if we don’t let it go any farther.

Large tree found across landing road between end of Hop and Jump and Heart Attack Hill.

Bible Creek Bypass needs a proper reroute of the final climb.