March 2015 Work Party

The ARRMC had a work party today, Sunday March 8th, with scheduled work to be completed on Troop 97 trail and Bebop trail.

Unfortunately, the combination of shorter than usual notice and the fantastic weather combined for a lower than normal worker turnout.

We, however, forged ahead and changed our plan accordingly.

We did accomplish some major overhaul work on Mutant Fern.  One team doubled the interlocking paver width at the bottom of the paver hill climb, reinforced the anchor points, and added one paver width up the hillclimb.  Another team dug drains for the water holes and filled the water holes with three inch rock.  We also filled the giant bog holes near the edge of Skidder Flat with three inch rock.

Though we didn’t plan for work on this trail on this day, we were successful, and we were able to “mark one off” on the BLM’s high-priority list.

Additionally, we have a few potential reroutes walked and flagged, with several more to be walked and flagged, then GPS tracked and noted for submission to BLM for review.

Good job all who came, and thank you for putting your sweat into keeping our area open and ride-able!